Colorfix Pastels


An award-winning, multipurpose, long-wearing, waterproof cream pigment that can safely be used as an eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush for up to 24 hours.

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What it does

What it does

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With 6 versatile finishes, Colorfix is a superior choice for cream & liquid pigments. They can be used alone, layered, & mixed in every color & texture. The "Forever Fix Complex" uniquely combines film formers, dry oils & high-intensity pigments that easily glide & set for all-day wear.

How to use

There are endless ways to play with Colorfix!

  • Squeeze
  • Dot
  • Swipe

Eyeshadow: Use one shade as a stand-alone eyeshadow or blend multiple shades together.

Brow: For waterproof brows, use an angle brush to fill and define.

Liner: Use a fine-tip brush for budge-proof liner in classic or graphic shapes.

Lips: Outline, fill out, and gloss over your lips for a plump pout that lasts.

Cheeks: Use a Matte or Nude finish as cream blush, soft highlight, or sculpted contour. Use a Foil or Metallic finish as a sparkly highlighter.

Base: Apply as a primer coat on the eyelids to enhance the opacity and durability of eyeshadow powders.

Colorfix Pastels