Yummy Skin Velour Puff Duo - Dark Chocolate


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What it does

What it does

A velvety soft, reusable powder puff for precisely applying loose or pressed powders for a refined smooth finish.

Pro tip:

Use the triangle tip of the puff for working around small areas of the face, like under the eyes and around the nose. Use the large side of the puff for the setting larger areas of the face or body. 

Care instructions:

Use gentle soap under warm running water or machine wash and then air dry.

Other Facts:

- 100% vegan

- Cruelty-free

- Washable

How to use

Simply work powder into the puff then apply to targeted shine or set all over for final powder application

- quick touch-ups
- protect your makeup during application

Yummy Skin Velour Puff Duo - Dark Chocolate